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    Saw the machine today, man did'nt know there were so many ways to use duct tape and crazy glue on a ski!

    Sorry for the cheap shot had to do it! :P I would imagine you're chompin' at the bit to get out. Now get it back in one peice and hit the water!

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    Ken: yeah heavy "D" told me you were there Dr Len and myself were hangin out with Derrick for awhile, pestering him as usuall Jusat got back with the ski, tomorrow I`ll start putting it back together...

    Now we need Derrick to find the time to come ride with us this summer, look for our manahawkin to sweetwater cruise this summer!...
    Great Bay, Mullica River, whereever we can meet up, it will be a blast!
    I can`t wait to see the look on Dr len`s face when I smoke him! ..PR...

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    Keep me posted on the cruise.

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