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    Power filter install?

    Why do you rotate the rear hose clamp 90 degrees?? Which way do you rotate? Thanks


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    So it doen't rub on the filter hose. Turn it so the screw is up and you can use you wrench to tighten it.


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    I didn`t have to do this, the clamp was not interfering with the plastic intake tube, check yours before you loosen the clamp, your carbon seal is in there...

    mount up the intake tube and check for clearance at the clamp, if it is touching the clamp screw, then you need to rotate it...PR...

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    yup and when you tighten it make sure you tighten it till it feels like that screw clamp is going to break...I rotated mine and then tightend it back up to snug and water came in my hull....after I tightend it till it was as tight as possible no more water!

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