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    Quick warranty question

    Just bought a 08 rxp 215 and had a quick question about the warranty. I just want to do a few simple mods like intake grate, opass bypass, and maybe a prop. Will those mods void the warranty?

    I'm not looking to go crazy with mods, just want to do the easy cheap fixes. I get my mod fix on with my sti. hah

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    read up on the "Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act"

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    Some dealers will warranty a stage one. You have to talk to the dealer to see if they are cool.

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    Keep all the stock parts and you will be fine if somthing were to happen swap them out and call it good, this is for minor mods only like you listed. This is kinda what i have been told.

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    I recently took a stage I to the dealer for extended warranty work. I talk ed to them before delivering the boat to them.

    Here is what you need to thin about...

    You need their service, they need money. The way they get money is by working on your ski. They do this by reporting the problem without noting mods to the warranty company. The dealer I went to said he has never been visited by the warranty company concerning a claim.

    Like N8t stated...If that fails, swap some of the parts back to stock, then deliver to dealer's shop. --jpe

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