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Thread: 2005 RXP revs

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    2005 RXP revs

    i been on the water lately i found the ski doesnt go much past 7200 rev s i have a R+D drop nozzel and a piece of alloy tube on the end of it it looks like s it done by R+D , im running the rotax racing ecu as well , not much else other than the R+D intake , im chassing power like all others , top end isnt any slowwer than the new RXT-X ,its about the same in top end and down low mine a tad faster , been crusing with my freinds with there RXT-X ,thats what i found , been looking to do a ext cooler and maybe a stage 3 charger , from stock to 14 psi would be better for torque , would i need a rising rate fuel reg as well and thinking of a solas 14/19R , i want arm riping take off stuff ! any input would be great thanks guys

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    7200?? not 8200rpm?

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    I hope you mean 8200 if not you need to look into that first. with the mods you want i would say go with a 15/20R also if you want 14psi i think you will need more than a S3 charger somthing like a rude

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