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    Need 1 torque setting on exhaust ...

    OK, my printed manual is at the cottage, and the ski is in the garage at home. On the funky clamp that attaches the J pipe to the exhaust manifold, that loooong 10 mm nut ... can anybody tell me the torque setting for that nut? I just don't want to overtighten it and break it ...

    I should be firing the ski up finally today ... did a lot of little stuff including carbon fiber/epoxy resin reinforcement of the (water side) of the pump tunnel (minor gelcoat cracks pissed me off, decided to make sure nothing happens there), switched intercoolers, triple bearing, front motor mount, ss liner, adj ring venturi with bailers removed, bilge pump, RR thru hull, waterbox mod, 15/20 pulled back 2mm, Riva finger throttle, etc. Hoping for no leaks, no drips, no problems! Still have reflashed RR ECU and Les Cooke A kit sitting on the sidelines for later maybe ...

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    I will look if there is a number...But I tighten it all the way up until you see the ends almost touch. It would be hard for you to break it.


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    As many times that I have had my J pipe on and off, I have never torqued it to any setting. I didn't even think there was a setting for that nut. The nut will just basically stop when that clamp gets tight. There is no need to "wrench" it on either because the way the nut works together with the bolt, it would be virtually impossible for the nut to back itself off, or even turn at all. It you notice when removing it, that nut requires some serious torque just to back it all of the way off.

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    The funky clamp is supposed to be torqued to 11 N*m (97 lbf*in)

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