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    That Seat Strap Could Save BRP Millions

    Not having a seat strap cost Polaris almost $4 million. To read the case, click the link, then click to open the Word doc.

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    I have a 2 seater Polaris...Wonder if I'll be getting a recall notice even if they don't make them anymore...

    Probably be just as terrible as the "fix" they had for their hoods that would fly off and crack you in the head at WOT after the flimsy plastic coupler holding it down snapped off...

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    This is exactly what is wrong with todays society. With this latest precidence anyone who is injured in the state of California while riding a pwc will be able to sucessfully sue. A couple more of these suits could lead to the cancellation of sales in the state or even the banning of pwc's altogether. Even though warning stickers were in place and the blame of fault fell on the owner, rider and passenger, a jury still found the dealership and manufacturer at fault for a design flaw. Even having a seat strap is not the solution. Seat straps are primarily used for reboarding purposes only. They are not sturdy enough for a passenger to maintain a riding stance. I would dare to guess most are broke with around 50 pounds of force.

    Now that my legal rant is over, let me just say any legal breifing that contains the phrases orifice damage and sphincter muscle makes good reading.

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    good point

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