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    07 160 HO rough running/missing

    Does anyone have any information on rough running on a 07 HO? The ski has only done 20 hours of easy use, and has been totally reliable, but has just started missing. It is most noticable at the lower RPM (around 4000) and appears to go away at higher RPM, but is very noticable again coming off the power. and is well down on power at the lower end. We have checked all the plug leads, including uncliping them and reataching. No sign of moisture or corrosion anywhere. We have used a spare plug to try to isolate the cylinder that is affected, but nothing definitive yet. Best guess is 2nd cylinder from the front. (Number 2?)
    I understand that there is diagnostic software on these engines, would it have a pickup for misfire?
    Any help much appreciated.

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    Couple of things I would do before going any further, change all plugs, they may be fowled either by oil overfill or long periods of idle when cold.

    Also check oil level when hot, after a good ride is best, you can't really get enough heat into the motor on the hose. Best to be just below full mark, this will show as around 1/4 above the low mark when cold. To check if air filter is contaminated from oil overfill, remove & go for a ride to see if this makes a differance, it is not always possible to see visually.

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    Thanks for the tips Volltrex. The update on this is that we changed all the plugs, and then trialled it on the water. The problem has gone!

    I'm not sure what the issue was as the plugs looked fine, and had only done 20 hours, but it is a good fix anyway. Possibly a couple of plugs breaking down?

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