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    any tips or input on this, i planned on firing up burning out fogger on water and riding till all stabil gas is burned up , then replacing plugs , and filling with fresh gas . My buddy will be breaking in a new rxt so im sure i wont be balls out this week end .

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    yues that is a good idea....Or you could just put it on the hose for a couple minutes...hold the throttle all the way down and hold the start button down for 10 secs to get the oil spread around with out it starting....and then let the throttle all the way out and start it up, turn the hose on, and flush it for 2-3 mintues and then all the fogging oil will be out, replace your plugs, and go to the lake let her warm up just idle around for a couple minutes and then just go balls out...have fun!

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    so you have to do foggin spray in the holes of the spark plugs just like the 2 stroke ?

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    yes ya do...

    Should be a staple in your winterization process...

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