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Thread: RXT or SHO ?

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    RXT or SHO ?

    Gentlemen, I need some input and I know this is the place to ask.
    I have always owned Seadoo's and Im getting ready to replace my wife's 2002 GTX carb model with a new ski. Im considering the RTX but thought I should look at this Yamaha SHO ski. I know Yamaha has been in the marine business for years, so their prodcuts should be quality. Please give me any information that would be positve or negative about either ski.
    I want the 3 seater for chop becasue my RXP will beat you to death on the rough water. Thanks for your help !

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    Get the RXT-X, most power, good in chop, a rocket for a stock 3 seater!

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    RXT most deff.. used to own one. they handle amazingly.. SHO are quick.. but RXT is quicker and a lot better

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    From what I understand the SHO will out handle the RXT in most conditions. The RXT-X is faster but a regular RXT will not be as fast or at best equal.
    I would wait for Jerry's review for an unbiased opinion. It should be out by the end of the weekend.

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    if you are looking at performance i think the SHO wins. now the if you would consider the rxt-x that would be faster than the SHO.... if its only between the rxt and sho and you want performance then SHO is porbably the better choice... (from what ive READ)

    ive driven RXTs but not SHOs so i cant say anything bout the shos from personal experience but the RXTs are awesome skis

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    I'd say SHO over a rxt but rxtX might have to think about it.

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    Hi Guys, as you know there is a SHO on the water in Qld and I recently had the opportunity to do a couple of runs beside a SHO on my 06 RXT.

    We were both suprissed how close they were.
    There was no science in this race, just 2 guys on two ski's nailing them from a start over about 1/2 mile. There was nothing in it either way.

    The RXT has MUCH better storage, handling in the open water is simliar and the fuel economy is about the same.

    It comes down to whether or not you want a Yammie or a Seadoo.
    If you want out right speed go the RXT-X
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    Thanks for the info. I stopped and looked at the RXT X today and I like what I see. It has more gray color than I normally would prefer but Im sure that has nothing to do with peformance. LOL. I owe to myself to look at the SHO and will do tomorrow.

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    From what others have told me the RXTX does not have the same bucking problem as the RXPX. The RXT, RXTX, and SHO could all be modded. The SHO seems like it will be a beast when the mods start pouring out though.

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    Wait till Jerry finishes up his write up. He will post it very soon.

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