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    Let talk about Water Routing!

    What are you guys doing with your water routing. I have seen a number of things

    Dump the back cylinder
    Dump the back and middle cylinder
    Dump the back cylinder but have a fitting to adjust pressure
    Dump the back cylinders with OEM head
    Reverse Cooling

    What do you guys run and why? I figure this could be a good learning experience for some, and my self, on the subject. I would also like to know what my options are with an OEM head since I don't see much on this.
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    on my Stage II 1200 GPR, I dumped the #3 overboard.

    on my wife's EFI 1200, I dumped #2&#3 overboard to run the pipe hotter and to take more pressure off the rubber coupler boot between the u-pipe and stinger. As for hotter temp, I had a temp gun and I noticed the pipe ran about 13-15 degrees hotter vs. me only dumping #3 overboard in my application.

    .....this is what I ran on unported 1200's. one EFI and 12 carb

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    Reverse Cooling

    Reverse cooling with two 1/2" lines from the pump into the head balanced using a distribution block with a 3/8" jetworks valve for pressure relief and a pressure gauge. Pressure relief line dumped overboard through a 1/2" pisser.

    Front two cylinders dumping into the exhaust through 1/4NPT x 1/2" fittings on the manifold, rear cylinder dumped overboard through a 1/2" pisser.

    I've gotten a lot of questions about this setup, so I will more than glad to share what I'm up to. Lowell started my in this direction, and I added dual cooling lines that uses a jetworks value for pressure control (since the head is open where the two input lines enter it's simple to balance the pressure - similar to what plumbers use that's called a pressure balancing loop to equalize water pressure). I have a pressure gauge (thanks to Duke's instructions for mounting a gauge) mounted on the distribution block so I can watch the water pressure into the head (of course the internal pressure will be different due to the internal water restrictions - but I want a baseline of the pressure entering the head to start with).

    I used 1/2" lines so I can add 3/8" or smaller restrictors where needed (based on flow and pressure).

    Pictures of the complete setup to follow (I plan on finishing this up tonight).
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    I wont be much help cause i have a triple setup. I have two coming in 1/2" and 3/8" then splits into 6. three go to the exhaust manifolds and three go the pipes. the three that go to the pipes i have jetworks on them and waterflows and about half throttle.The water comes out of the pieps and over board with 3 lines. The water going to the heads go in and out on three lines over board. I do not restrict the flow on the head. Dan Fitzgerald form jet world told me to run one 1/4" out of the middle of the head which i am going to try.

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    526 there any advantage to usine 2 1/2" lines instead of 1 1/2" line?


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    Quote Originally Posted by IrishGpr05 View Post there any advantage to usine 2 1/2" lines instead of 1 1/2" line?

    Probably not - other than there being a slight drop in pressure splitting a single line. I didn't install the holeshot mod in my new stinger yet, so I had a spare water line. I'm really wanting to see how well the pressure balances across the two lines.

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    post those pics of the water routing please!!!

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    You can find Gatorcountry's pics here:

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