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    Is My Ski BULLET PROOF Now?

    Just wondering what ya'll I bullet proof now for the next 100 hours?? God I hope so!..

    I have The full Skat Triple Bearing, SS Wear ring, Denso Iridium Spark plugs...and the rest on my mods in my sig...I know I have to change the pump oil at 20 hours and the engine oil at about 40 hrs or less....

    But besides the oil changes, Is my ski BULLET PROOF now? Thanks!

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    nope.. it's still fiberglass :P

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    did you change the stock bilge out to worm clamps (I know you have another bilge).

    Do you have spare oil in the ski ?
    Is your OPAS distributor blocked off ?
    Do you have an air horn and spare flashlight ?
    Spare fuses (some come in the fuse box) ?
    I carry spare JB waterweld and some extra worm clamps
    Did you JB weld (fiberglass) the pump housing inside the hull ?
    RR front engine mount ?
    Do you have a pre-filter on your intake ?
    Can't bulletproof the battery but you can get a battery monitor.
    Boost Gauge?
    A/F Gauge?

    then you are almost bulletproof

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    Funny Kinch! I am done with the mods forever just going to ride and have a good time...there is no need for the front engine mount with the triple bearing they both do the same exact thing...the only thing I may have done is the carbon seal replaced after this season...

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    your good with what you have but I wouldn't say bulletproof

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    does your ski still have a wet clutch design compressor? regardless of clutch material, metal or ceramic...

    yea... ur not bulletproof at all

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    it has the metal washers...but they dont need replaced for anouther 100 hours so that is what I was I bullet proof for the next hundred hours....

    Once these metal washers go, the ski goes!

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    I think the loose nut behind the wheel makes it not bullet proof ...PR...

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    probably 100 or less...
    got to have contigency

    or like the manual says 100 hours or one season lol

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