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    GP1200 can u mix top and bottom case from different 1200s

    I have a GP1200 I'm rebuilding. My bottom case has a hole that can't be welded. I have found another 1200 bottom case however there is no matching top case. Part numbers on both bottom cases match. Can I use this bottom case with my top case or is there a alignment problem since they wouldn't be a matched set?

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    Yes, they can...but it is not the best scenario..make sure you put a good layer of 1211 or Yamabond between the 2 slices. Then pressure check the engine after rebuild. This is critical that you pressure check the engine, there are numerous threads on here on how to do this.

    Make sure the surfaces are nice a clean with not try to apply sandpaper to surfaces, you can use scotchbrite pads, but do this lightly..any dips would be critical since the surfaces are so thin and can be damaged easily.

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