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    ==Is pitch decrease suitable for close course racing??==

    my ski running around 7800 rpm. need some topspeed now
    want to know, Is pitch decrease (to bend the prop),work well with close course racing?

    in Thailand air temp:36 c.
    my gps shows only 67.8 mph(garmin quest) but in windy day& choppy water ...the straight way is quite not enough to hold the topspeed(pond)

    Is it too slow??? please helppp!!!

    my present mods: in stock rules
    -reflashed ecu(racing 8400rpm rev cutting)
    -158 degree rr thermo
    -rr s/c clutch
    -solas 14/19 (little modified shapen blade)
    -Riva power filter but extend longer to evade from heat fade,put the filter near the stock air deliver)
    -ngk dcpr9eix spark plug
    -jerry's filled ride plate
    -intake grate matched with rideplate
    -custom sponson but based on R&D (deeper)
    -ride plate down 1.5 mm for better turn in close course
    -just replaced a new wear-ring

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    Bend the trailing edge of your prop up 2 mm.

    Here is how to do it:

    This will give you better acceleration and top speed.

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    Ditto to what Jerry said. Jerry I am taking my ski out today I came up another mm and 1/2 almost 2 on my traling edge. I think when I pitched it befor and ran almost 73 the weather was mutch cooler and with he temps getting up I lost 150 RPMs so I came up some more. With your impeller I was spenning it less RPM but your LE's were less.

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    Will i ruin my prop if i do it myself???

    Is the prop machenic @the dealer can do this?? (he can repair the prop but i don't know how good he is about pitching)

    Solas or stock prop(both are a little modified ,sharpen&streamline added) which one would be better? please choose for me

    solas : 7800-7850
    stock : havn't test yet after modified

    Wish me have luck this weekend @the dealer
    ..and also it will gain me some rev. with more speed too
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