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    what jetting should I run

    Hey guys just wanted to double check what for jetting specs I should start off with. GP1200R 3 degree key, vf3's, 150 psi head, not sure what f/a kit Im gonna use yet, and D plate. What for jetting you guys thinking? I wasnt sure how much of a difference the 3 degree key would make. Also running premix, choke plates removed and accel pump blocked off. 1000' above sea level.
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    I had seen that and I wasnt running the advent but a 3 degree key and also running the cut head. Will this stuff make a difference. Someone had suggested a 125 main before I wasnt sure if that would be better choice or not.

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    the 125 mains wont hurt a thing.

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    I would run the 125 mains. I did use 125 mains on the stock project ski I built a year ago and it did 71.2 all stock under the seat except F/A's and primer kit. That was a 2001 GP1200R. Since I was going to sell the ski I jetted it safe.


    110 pilots
    1.5 needle and seat 95 gram spring (dull silver)
    125 mains

    low screws all 1 turn

    high screws 1 and 2 ea.1 1/2 turns, #3 1 5/8 turns

    That would be a good place to start

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