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    15F main harness corrosion Possible 12F and Ultra

    When removing my engine i disconnected the electrical harness and found that the connector attatching the main harness to the Fuel Injection harness was corroded. It took me a while, but I realized why and it could have been prevented. I urge you to take a look at this, and if you don't have the issue or if you do, this is how to fix it.

    Here is a handy doc:

    Here is a pic of the offender. The connector o-ring is exposed to the outside world. I plan on sealing with liquid electrical tape, the whole connector, and following the document to make it reversible. Here is a pic of the connection. The black rectangle is the o-ring thats on the inside. Kawasaki shouldn't have left this exposed. The potential for disaster is major.

    I wouldn't have said anything, but I bought a used harness thinking my issue was isolated, and the used one had same exact issue, and yes I am meticulous with my ski. At the very least I would pack the main connection (one with 16 wires that connects the main harness to the Fuel injection harness) with dielectric grease.

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    thanks for the info, you ride in saltwater or fresh?

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    where's these pics you speak of...?

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    I couldn't insert a pic for some reason. I did post pics on pwc today and I look at this forum as well and put this here as wel. The plug is really close to the ECU and is grey and has sixteen wires. The biggest connector that isn't actually plugged into the ECU that attatches the main harness to the FI harness. It has 16 wires 4 in a row 4 times, square lookin. I do ride in Salt water

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    I was looking at ordering a new harness. It appears in '08 they made a new harness that is all one that eliminates the connector I am speaking of. So if you have an '08 15F its not going to be an issue. So this connctor would be on 2007 and older four strokes. It is the same on a 12F. Also the harness on an Ultra is completely different and would not have the connector. Looks like kawasaki knew about this issue and at least resolved it for future generations. I am thinking I will order an '08 harness. All one piece and its cheaper to boot.
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    looks like a shot of clear silicone would work as well...

    I uploaded the pic here for everyone...home its not against some law...
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    silicone and wires don't mix.. FYI

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    This is a perfect place to apply Fluid Film for total protection, no mess, and will not impede the seviceability of the connector/pins. Dielectric Grease would be my second choice as it makes a mess.

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