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    Should i be really concerned about having electric trim on a 3 seater?
    Mainly going to be riding solo,sometimes to and may never ski behind...
    Looking at the 08 Yamaha FX SHO...

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    Trim is a really usefull feature to have especially if riding offshore however the electric trim on the seadoo's can give alot of trouble & is overcomplicated IMHO. Yamaha uses a cable operated trim (QSTS) & if greased correctly at service intervals will rarely give any problems.

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    I use the trim all the time. Have done so since my second ski a GP1200.

    I had a full day a few weeks back on a Kwaka 15F that have no trim, and at times I was 'looking' for it. I find it very usefull, and it only gives a problem on the Yami's if it's not used and corroded inside.

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