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Thread: RXP-X

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    Hi Guys! This is my first post, and I wanted to introduce myself, and ask a few questions that maybe you can help me with.

    Im Mike, and I am an avid PWC rider. I am from PA, and do mostly river riding. I try to get to deep creek lake MD a few times a summer as well.

    I just sold my 2006 Sea Doo RXP last week, and I am going to buy the new 2008 RXP-X.

    Now I am way into top speed+Acceleration.

    My last ski had an upgraded impeller, Intake, block off plates, and BOV. It would do about 70-72mph I would say. My question is what is the best way to get this RXP-X into the 78-80mph range without loosing dependability? How does everyone like these ski's?

    Heres some pics of me on my last ski..

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    Welcome bavboym3!!
    Lot's of good stuff on this forum...take you time and do some reading in Tips & Tricks, How to Do It, etc.
    Nice ski and nice pics!!

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    More and more people are getting their Xs but the mods are slow to come out. It's hard to say what will be offered to get it in that speed range. It seems from many discussions that there's a consensus that the X is an acceleration monster with the larger intake grate opening and while mid 70s might be easy to get with some loss in acceleration, the stretch to upper 70s might require reducing the size of the intake grate opening, and in my opinion you've just lost what the X model offers that the RXP215 doesn't have so you might have been better off keeping your '06 and spending the money on a Stage 3+ kit.

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    Welcome to the best place on the internet and trust me you will be addicted to this site .....great people here and great info. X stuff is in the pipe so stay tuned and see whats going on.


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    modify or buy a riva grate
    ride plate mods
    RUDE supercharger-- i have a couple for sale and im in pa
    RUDE fuel pressure regulator

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    Hello Mike , Welcome to this site ! I am also from PA , I am on the same boat as you are I am selling my 2004 RXP . To get the RXP-X . I am getting stage 1 from Riva & putting onto new ski . I would buy from the online store from Jerry ! [Greenhulk ] The first mod that I am doing is getting rid of the OPS & putting on RE- block offs & also Riva new top loader intake grate . They say it won't be available til April . Riva is coming out with a new prop for the RXP-X . Riva is coming out with a stage 2 & that is what you might be looking for as term in high speed ! I think it won't be out til early summer ! Where in PA are you located ? I ride at long level on York county side . Maybe we can test each machine out this summer ?


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    Keep your RXP. Guys are getting thrown off the x at 76 + MPH because the opening for the intake is to large. In order to get to 80 MPH you will have to reduce the size of the intake opening effectively reducing your hole shot that the X was made for. I think if you add up the cost to get to 80 + MPH just a plain old RXP will be a good bit cheaper. #1 its cheaper from the dealer and already has the same engine as the X minus the SC and IC. But simply add a Rude, external IC and a RRFPR and a new prop and youll beat some ass. I think if you did the same mods to an X it would buck you off unless the intake was closed up. Just my two cents.

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    yeah i would have said keep the 06 also but i guess its too late, i am from pa also, where are you in PA? you should update your profile....

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    Welcome to the forum.. I'm also from Pa... where abouts do you Pa guys ride? I usually ride the Nj shore but might be looking to ride else where. I've dipped in the river a couple times but small areas get kinda old after a while.

    As for my opinion on the rxpx.. If you want a new badass ski then get it. There has been a lot of discussion about how to make it an 80+mph ski and it will be done efficiently I'm sure. The sc alone on the x model is a great sc being that it almost makes as much power as a rude for half the cost.

    Do some reading and then some more reading.. you and everyone else with an x will figure things out as more and more r&d goes into modding them. I doubt you'd be unhappy with the new x. It just has not been around long enough to know what exactly will need to be done to make the ski run/ride right at 80+mph speeds.

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    Yeah Im also curious where in pa you are from that pic looks familar. I go to long level every now and then but usually launch at the pequea marina like 5 min from my house. Maybe we can meet up some time

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