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    1997 Polaris 780 SLT (Cutting out at full throttle)

    I have a 1997 Polaris SLT780 that when running full speed it will cut back to 3/4 speed for about 30 seconds then go back full speed........its almost like it keeps cutting back and forth. It seems to do a little better after it gets good and hot. Does anyone have any idea what this might be?

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    fuel delivery......................

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    Welcome ti the Green Hulk!!

    Sounds like it's time to go through the entire fuel system.

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    WELCOME TO THE HULK, the most informed polaris owners in the world.

    I wouldn't run it anymore till you go thru the entire fuel delivery Systems,and Carbs,your taking a good chance of burning a piston down.

    Do a quick search of fuel system upgrade or such and you'll find everything that should be performed.

    When It's cutting out,your starving a cyl. or cyls for fuel,which is a lean condition. Which will burn a hole in a piston faster then the time you will spend reading how to prevent it. We'll walk you thru any questions you'll have.Dan

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    Hi Harley, I'd also like to WELCOME you to the Green Hulk Forums!!!
    Like Dan stated, don't run it until you go through the fuel system.
    Plug filters (in the carburetor), squeazed and/or kinked fuel lines, weak fuel pump, water in the fuel etc. are just a few common items.
    Have pictures of your ride??
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    Quote Originally Posted by la90043 View Post
    fuel delivery......................
    i feel ashamed that everyone said "HI" "welcome to Greenhulk" except for me and i was the first to give a response.

    So! Hi! Welcome to Greenhulk! and not run the boat no more until you have found whats causing the boat to cut out like that or have gone through the whole fuel delivery system.

    a simple check of the fuel lines for bends, kinks, leaks. fuel lines too bent or kinked will starve the engine of fuel. the fuel lines coming out of the gas tank are notorious for bending over too much and starving the engine of fuel. so check them. also if you have an external fuel filter. when was that replaced? many of us do that yeaRLY. then there's the fuel pump. when was that rebuilt? thats very easy to do also. then there's the pulse line to the fuel pump too. is that nice and tight? and then of course there are the carburetors. when were they rebuilt huh? they have minnie fuel filters inside of each one of them. they get clogged too. also there is a diaphram in each one that gets weak with time and does not pump as strong as when new. also your whole fuel delivery system is under pressure. weak pressure will cause weak fuel flow too. best thing you can do also is get a service manual for it too. and again. Hi! Welcome to Greenhulk!

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    Welcome to the Hulk! Once you fix this problem, hang out some more with the guys here.

    It's really helpful to read about problems that you DON'T have with your ski as your overall awareness will build quickly. That may save you a ton of time and money if you can prevent issues with preventative maintenance or see a problem developing before it causes an expensive failure.

    If you do, you'll be amazed at the wisdom on this board and how much more enjoyment you'll have with your ride!

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    Be Careful

    Welcome, im kinda new here too, but there are alot of really helpful people here!

    -Be careful i picked up a ski that i thought just had a popped piston and it sat and wound up like this.....

    here is the hole

    and inside the engine...

    So be careful!!! the guy i got my ski from wasnt at all!

    good luck to, post any pictures or questions you have, everyone here is extremely helpful.


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    Thank you for the replies!

    I guess I better pull the cover off and see what I can find...........I rode this ski last year on several occasions like this.......It still runs good but like I said before it would cut out at full throttle trmporarily and then go back to full throttle without problem then cut out and back cut out and back like it was timing out back and forth.............

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    Bogging Down

    If the ski were not fogged good before last summer and the carbs gummed up a little over the winter what would i need to do to ensure that they are cleaned after i check for kinked lines, etc........

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