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    1300 engine in a XL1200ltd, info needed.

    Ok guys (and girls), if you have a look at the pics below u can probably guess i am up for a new motor (or parts). I was thinking that if i am up for new parts i could upgrade to a 1300cc (or 1390cc) engine.
    It is a XL1200ltd ski but has the same engine as the GP1200 (66v), what i was thinking about doing was getting the top end off a 1300 (60t) engine and putting it in mine. What problems will i have and/or what will i need to modify? exhaust, carbs, etc?
    Any info or prices would be a great help. And although i live in Australia, i will probably be getting the parts from over in your neck of the woods. (prices in Aus are stupidly expensive)
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    I did this on my GP1200R

    everything just bolts in place, you need cylinders, pistons, rings, power valves and head

    the other changes you would want to make are

    change the jetting

    get a bigger impeller

    and on any XL you need to replace the intake grate with a Riva or R&D intake grate - this is a absolute must safety mod

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    You might want to hook up with autosport. He had a complete 1300 set up and is in AU also.

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    do you know what caused the failure? wouldn't want you to go BB and have the same failure.
    whatever size motor you go to you will need a carb rejet and new impeller
    like phil said do the grate if you are increasing performance

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    Yep intake grate has already been changed (I've read about that quite a bit on these forums) as well as the sponsons.
    Since i will need a new head, new pistons, 1 new cylinder and PV anyway, adding an extra 2 cylinders and PV's shouldn't add too much to the cost for the extra gain.
    I wouldn't mind the specs on re-jetting the carby (and where you would get the new jets from).

    And dhoad, I'm not sure what caused the problem. It appears that a piece of the piston has broken off and caused all the damage. What caused it to break off i don't know. Although the powervalve is also damaged (from the piece of piston kicking around), it wasn't what caused the problem as it is still firmly mounted. If anyone has an idea, please let me know. Should i have the Big-end bearings checked or replaced?

    Thanks for the info everyone.

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    heya. good chance your fuel pump diaphrams are the problem which would have caused a lean out... leading to detonation (causing a piece of piston to break off)... this is only a theory without being able to have a good look at all the parts.

    yup... I have a 1300 top end, and I also have the jets that were recomended to me at the time.

    I'd suggest getting complete carby rebuild kits whild you have everything appart and rebuild the carby's at the same time.

    I think Tyrael has a 14/20 Dynafly already (mentioned on the phone)... so might not need a prop if this is the case?

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