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    Advice Needed

    Hulk or anyone with good advice,
    I own a 2005 rxp. It's about 4 months old. I had it put together by Riva South in Florida, however I live ouside of the US so by the time I got my craft it cost me a fortune and I had no warranty. Modifications done to the craft by Riva themselves are as follows:
    Riva Stage 1
    Riva Pro Series Sponsons
    Vortech SC Impeller
    Riva Free Flow Exhaust
    Thumb Throttle Conversion and Handle Bar extensions
    Anyway, throughout my break in process I noticed that the left rear side of my craft was getting soo hot that I could not even take a passenger. Turns out, the tech did not tighten the exhaust clamp which caused a leak. It burnt the inside of my craft to a crisp. Also I noticed that on smooth operation, meaning going over no wake what so ever, my craft would beg for gas. This feeling is similar to when the TIPS protection kicks in when your craft goes vertical but this was not the case. I've spoken to Riva about these problems and I really need more solid information as to what I should do about my situation.
    I have fixed the exhaust and my craft does 70 on the gauge on rough water at 8100 rpms. It does run like a beast but only after I had to throw in a couple more hundred after already spending in excess of 18 grand. Please feel free to make any comments and give advice as to how I can make my craft run better.

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    It looks like your speed and RPM's are in the right range with the mods you have. What temps/humidity do you ride in? The TOPS like situation on smooth water is weird. Maybe a bad TOPS sensor? Clogged fuel line? That one is new to me.

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    It's a shame about your exhaust clamp being loose. Like Franko said though you have a real strong runner. Keep in mind that most RXP speedometers will not read over 70 MPH. They just stay stuck there. You could actually be going slightly faster. Buy yourself a cheap GPS unit to accurately gauge your speed. As far as the starving for fuel problem that is a new one for me as well. With the lanyard pluged into the post press your set button 5 times in a row. If you have any trouble codes stored it will flash it on your screen. If not it will say "END" and then beep. If you do get a trouble code match it up here and order the appropriate sensor

    "right click" "save as"

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    Thanks for the advice guys, I will make those checks today. Please feel free to give any suggestions on how I can make my craft run faster. Any easy mods you can suggest?? I have been reading about the waterbox mod but some have said they notice no gains. Anything you can think of to give me a couple more miles or acceleration will be grateful.

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