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    Question Why take off the impeller nose cone?

    What does that do

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    Quote Originally Posted by RXP_Noah View Post
    What does that do
    Makes it go faster.

    About .3-.5 mph.


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    Quote Originally Posted by RXP_Noah View Post
    What does that do
    i have tried it both ways and it caused more cavatation without it so i use it all the time now as far as speed i noticed no gain

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    thank you for your respones...but now I am really confused. I guess I will just keep it on and not worry about it. My thing is I told myself I will be doing 80 mph this year, and im outta money to spend on the rxp and i think will be just under at 78....And now after I spent my money i am thinking i should be changing the flywheel bolts on my 05 rxp. I have about 45 hrs on it.

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    I think the original nose cone removal idea was for the gpr setups.

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    this is definitely the place you can come and get confused at. Just depends on how in depth you want to go. That is one reason why this is the best PWC forum to date.

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    lol I know. I have been a member for 2 years now and have less than 50 posts bc I never have to. I usually just use search and find what I need and I am always reading others posts. Unless I am troubled or bothered by something then i make new posts

    anyways, this is a great place. I love you guys (in a non homo way )

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