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Thread: Re-fog?

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    i bought m 96 xp a little while ago, taking a chance without starting it. A few weekends ago i started it for about 10 seconds.. it fired right up no problem... purred like a kitten. i did not re-fog the engine.... do i need to do it again? will it be fine without doing it?

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    If you can re-fog the engine, why wouldn't you?
    Takes only a few minutes with a spray can of fogging oil.

    Don't even need to hook up the garden hose if you're just going to run it for a few seconds to get the intakes fogged.

    Despite that one warm day we just had, spring isn't really here yet. There will be plenty of moisture in the air in the coming weeks as all this snow melts, not to mention spring rains.

    If you ran it on the hose, there will be some water in the exhaust system. Don't let that moisture cause trouble in the crankcase.

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    Running an engine requires fuel, which diluts the fogging oil and burns when ignited. So there is no fogging oil coating essential parts anymore.

    It doesn't matter how long it ran, washing the oil off with fuel was done as soon as it entered the engine.

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    How long till your riding season? You should also pull the battery for tending.

    If you have the grey tempo fuel lines change them now.

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    I would re-fog it

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    yeah i was just working on it for the weekend. I wanted to see if it ran and what not. I didnt hook up the hose so thats fine. How do i fog the engine? just pull the air filter and spray the stuff in the carbs then turn it off? do i fog it until it shuts down itself? ill do it this weekend

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    hey guys,

    i found a new place to store the seadoo. It is being left in my parents factory. There is some temperature variation but the lowest temp is not even close to freezing. should i still refog? and is there any way to refog withough hooking up a hose?

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    fogging is to protect the inside of the engine from rust/corrosion.
    it doesnt matter how cold it gets, thats a differnet problem antifreeze protects the cooling system from freezing temps.
    you can skip the antifreeze.
    but you should fog it if its going to sit for more than a few weeks.
    it takes like 3 minutes.
    dont run the engine for more than about 2-3 minutes without the hose
    if its A STOCK airbox there is a little rubber nipple on top.
    pull the nipple out.
    start the ski, no hose necessary
    spray fogging oil into the airbox hole.
    it should bog and smoke a bit, maybe stall. if it does thats good.
    if not just fog it for 10 seconds or so and cut the engine when it gets close to stalling.
    put the nipple back in.
    now pull the spark plugs boots, ground them to the posts next to the black box.
    pull out the spark plugs
    spray 5 sec of oil into each plug hole. dont drop in the red spray tip!!
    crank engine with plugs out and wires grounded for a few seconds.
    put plugs back in
    put boots back on.
    pull battery and put on a battery tender.
    or at least unhook the battery wires so the battery doesnt drain while it sits.
    look up proper winterization for your 2 stroke ski so that you know the ENTIRE process for next year.
    it takes me like 1 hour to winterize 3 skis every november. maybe another few hours to wash wax and clean inside and outside really good.
    i do a I/O on a searay after that.
    i do all in one weekend, its easy once you know all the steps.

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    Another option is to remove the tube and stick a light bulb in the hull. My SPX is stored outside, and although it's fogged and covered, I keep the light in it to keep the engine above dewpoint. It will never condensate inside the hull because it will always be warmer inside than OAT.

    Since it's your dad's factory he could probably afford the $5/month...

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