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    RR Impeller on 185HP

    Hey guy's I have a S200 Speedster with twin 165HP's. The currant mods are full 3" intake, 4501 RR ECU, XS Intercoolers, Skat 3 blade 13/17 (On the way) with SS wear rings, and filled ride plate holes. My question is can you put the RR SC impeller on these motors with out hurting them? And what about the injectors at that point will I need to change them? What would my boost go up to from the stock impeller to the RR unit at 8200 RPM's? What sort of HP can you get from this mod?

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    jeeze I thought you had the twin 215 SCIC motors all this time Don't quote me on this but I think yours has a different compression ratio but I might be wrong. I think you would have to lower the ratio to be within safe limits or you would chance detonation due to increased boost. Again, I'm not positive but I'm sure someone here will know for sure, Jerry...shibbs...??

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    Yeah I have the 185's in it. I know the pistons are a not forged like the 215s. The 215 has 7% more boost than I have. But with the intercooler I know I can run more boost safely. Have to see what people say.

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    talk to the GTX guys.

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