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    We are haveing the biggest race this year at wildwood newjersey! Please check out the site at

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    Have fun Andrew I cant make that one because parents told me they were driving up there then i made plans with gf on tha sunday and then my mom says she wants to go after hearing it had a boardwalk...

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    beachboy66,I'll see you there 3 weeks in a row is getting to be to much.After this I'll get a couple weeks off.

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    knock`em dead Mitch!!!...PR...

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    mitch dont you let me forget to get you money for gas at beasleys. I am also going to be bringing more gas can for your ski so dont worry about it. i will get 93 on the way up. 10-15 should do it. I would like to take the stock boat out and woop some ass in a few classes but you know me being a promoter an all. never enough time.

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