Hopefully this will help someone. I was really confused at first, and couldn't find anywhere that explained it really.. so here we go.

I am starting with being able to look and see your powervalves clips. My couplers are off, and my cylinders are out of my ski.

You can do this with your cylinders in your ski..

so here we go.

first off, I undid the bolt that holds my coupler clip on. This is a number 3 wrench. I used a t-handle wrench. You have to really give it a good turn, and mine popped. I thought I broke my t-handle wrench... then it will turn. This is literally the bolt in the middle of the picture..

Next I went followed the rod that goes through this clip, and out of your cylinder. This is what your couplers connect to. To get my couplers off I just put a flat head screw driver and pull the rubber piece back, and kind of messed with it.. and it came off. Nothing really special it is really easy.

On either side of this metal rod on the outside of the cylinder there is like a little clip, and a washer. This clip I instantly thought of is like at the gym there are the weight bars, and you put that clip on the end of the weights so they don't fall off if your bar moves when your bench pressing... This does the same thing.

I just took a flat head screwdriver, and it sits in a little notch. I got one side out, held it with my thumb then got the other side out, then kind of slid it back and forth till it came off the rod. Once both sides have the washers out, I then took off my powervalve clip. Then I used a little force, and pushed my rods through and out on the other side. It is kind of hard, you have to push till you can push anymore, then pull.... it will come off.

The clip thing looks like this



Now it should look like this..

You will now need to take out this bolt. It requires a size 4 t-handle. ( I am just using t-handles).

Now that this screw is out, you are ready to begin on pulling the powervalve to come out. My first 2 were REALLY hard to get out. The first valve I was taking out I used floss ( i dont recommend ) I wrapped it like a million times around the T handle, and pulled really hard, and I promise you it came out and literally like flew and landed/stuck on my forehead.. I just got done scrubbing the grease off my head. I'm not kidding you guys at all .

I would use like a piece of rope, or I then used on my other 2 a strap from my battery box.. the metal part, I put it around one of the T sides, then the other and kept pulling really hard and they come out.. you just really gotta pull.

The one that connects to the Powervalve cables, was the easiest it just like slid out..

it will look like this when out

and your cylinder should look like this

Here is a picture of all the parts, and everything taken out...

I hope this helps to whoever has trouble taking this out. I am sorry if you guys feel like I'm typing it like you guys are 6.. but I feel like it is best to explain something if your going to do a tutorial.. lots of pictures and words...

Hopes this helps, and good luck.

any questions shoot.. but this is really easy after you get the first one out

Thank you, and good luck!