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    ecu upgrade on GTX

    I know this has been answered but i could not find what i was looking for.
    i have 05 rxp ecu (not flashed).
    Someone is interested in it and wants to install on 03 GTX just like i was going to do.
    What needs to be done to install?
    just change the ecu without anything else.
    i was told that if was not flashed then just install. If had been flashed then run the piggy back sensor, which I also have.
    Will the original keys on the gtx still work with this ecu after installing 05 ecu.
    I never did install on my 03 ski so just asking quesitons for the forum member interested.

    Hope this helps.

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    He has to install the 05 RXP ECM and bring it to the dealer for them to reprogram it to match the ski. The RXP does not have the compass which he is going to need for his ski.
    The ECM works with the MPEM they use the same data.
    There are different ways to program the ECM, but the above is the best that I know of.

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