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    Ceramic washers vs. Metal washers

    this has been a hot topic in my other forum about the shims in the rxpx. Do you stick with the ceramic or change over?

    this was the response to that question.....from another person in the my other forum.....will you guys please drop your knowledge....this seems to be my biggest question when purchasing my new ski....

    this was his response

    One of the first post has information I received from a Rotax engineer via email.
    The issue here for me has to do with some science. When you say metal shims, it's actually a metal alloy, not metal. Metal tends to hold onto heat rather easily than ceramic. I think the engineers went with ceramic because of it's ability to dissapate heat or not really store excessive heat.
    But the con to this, ceramic can be fragile and break.
    The space shuttle fleet uses a cermic tile in insulating the shuttle in re-entry into the atmoshpere. That in itself should have something to say about it's ability to withstand such high temperatures.
    In closing, the choice to accept one type or the other totally depends on you. There is plenty in hear to read and help you to decide. I know I've made this statement before but I'll make it again. Since the supercharged 4-TEC has been used, there hasn't been a huge percentage of problems associated by these ceramic shims. But there have been enough of them for Sea-Doo engineers to look into it. Why, because Sea-Doo accepts nothing better than being number 1!.........

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    The RXP-X comes with metal washers. You have nothing to worry about.
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