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    Picked up my RXP-X today

    The day finally came. Picked up my RXP-X this morning and went straight to the lake to ride it. Everyone has read the reviews and this thing is as good as advertised. Everything about this ski is just amazing. It feels so much more refined than a 215 RXP. It turns harder, bars feel better and gives great feedback, fit and finish is very good. Best of all it is an absolute ROCKET. This thing has so much grunt in turns and sweepers it is not even funny. Without a doubt the finest PWC I have ever owned or piloted.

    I was pretty torn up about selling my GPR and thought I would miss it. The GPR is a great ski but this thing would eat it alive. I'm talking sperm whale eating minows type deal. From just a power standpoint the only thing I have ridden that is more powerful is a triple piped 1390 GPR.

    I can't stress enough how much power it has when running 50mph and slamming the bars left or right. There is practically zero drop off in speed, combine that with the grip and depth that this hull rides in the water and the G-forces are intoxicating.

    Seadoo is really on top of their game.

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    Congrats dude! Now lose the Yamaha sweatshirt...

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    i want one of those.

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    Nice ski and trailer

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    Burn the windbreaker. I am still waiting for mine--you lucky dog. i AM GREEN WITH ENVEY. Let me know what mods work. Also the hull is different and much improved. Buddy of mine said it goes to chop and waves like it on rails.
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    Nice Ski

    I got the same trailer. I suggest changing the blue nose wheel to a nice soft rubber one (5 bucks at west marine). I found that it was way to hard and started scuffing the nose. It also doesnt do a very good job of supporting to the boat imo its just to small and has no grip.

    Also Check the leaf spring bolts one of mine was lose.

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    do not... i repeat... do not... stand in front of such a fine crafted machine such as your own with a Yamaha sweatshirt on... haha... just messin' with ya.. but now since youre on the better side we'll have ta get ya hooked up with some BRP or Seadoo apparel.. enjoy! that is the best change/choice you can make in life! haha jk... it will treat you good, n so will BRP, have fun with it n ride it like u stole it! congrats!

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    congrats ,,

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    Much congrats. I know the feeling

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    Thats cool man, I keep reading the forums about how everyone is raving about the rxpx and gotta admit, I am tempted. Looks great!

    Since you dont need it anymore, how much for the yamaha sweatshirt?

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