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    Skat 14/19 3 blade vs 15/19 3 blade??

    Ive been doing a heap of searching but im confused!! Im after holeshot and acceleration,have been told the 14/19 3 blade is a better choice for my Rxp... Im running a B kit with external ic, stock ecu ,stock nozzle. Want to leave the nozzle stock im just a rec rider who wants to go fast.. Seems alot of people prefer the 15/19??? Whats the comparrison between the two?? Also cant seem to find the 14/19 3 blade in the online store, are they not stocked?? Thanks..

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    Hey mate i'm not sure how the 15/19 goes but i'm running a 14/19 3blade on a 07rxp
    ex intercooler
    riva ecu
    ect ect
    and i'm running fine got good numbers,

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    Yep thats what Jason told me to use, just wondering do you have any cavitation issues with that prop??

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    There is a small amount of the line....when nozzle is all the way down and i pull throttle on full, how ever its minimal and i dont think its the prop but another area with the hp i'm useing...i'm happy to meet you at river some time so you can try it out, i'll be down there for the boat show race on 8th and 9th

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