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    Not seeing 8100rpms

    I have the 07 RXP with 18 hours on it, I have only seen 7900rpms
    on glass. Too much oil? Also is the Riva Stg1 easy to install and
    worth the $800? Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gregginns View Post
    I have the 07 RXP with 18 hours on it, I have only seen 7900rpms
    on glass. Too much oil? Also is the Riva Stg1 easy to install and
    worth the $800? Thanks

    Oil level could be a contributor...check it. Anything more than 2/3 or 3/4 is too much...

    What is your trim level at when running that rpm?

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    I had too much oil in mine- also, if your not at sea level it will affect your rpms. I loose around 100 rpms every 1,000 feet.

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    +1 to both of the above replys.

    In regards to the stage 1 it is very easy to install.

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    I recently sold my 06 RXP that saw 68 GPS @ 7900RPM stock. After moding then removing the mods 130 hours later I put a 13/17 impeller from an 07 RXT and the ski ran 71GPS @ 8100-8120 RPM stock. I dont know if the prop did it all but the engine was well run in at that point. The 13/17 had less pitch than the orginal prop that I had sold. If you have one of these laying around try it and see where your RPMS and speed end up.

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    Stage 1 Worth It????? YES.

    Especially with the free mods. Fill Ride Plate holes & Trim the bucket.

    With this I saw 73.6 with a stage I @ 8100 at sea level.

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    Hmmm...stg 1 sounds like alot of fun, however
    I have the 4 year warranty, what do you guys
    think. I see 7900rpms with the trim in the middle to up settings.

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    Your oil level is a huge deal on rpms. I run mine just below half on the dip stick. When you get it there you will be at 8100 rpms.

    After riding it for say 10 hrs if you hear a short beep that is your low oil warning sensor and you will have to add oil back to 1/2 way mark.

    My 07 started at 7700 rpms and at 60 hrs is at 8180.

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