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    15-F Hose issue- Whats the final word?

    Ok, so I have been reading about the cooling hose coming off issue on the 15-F. What is the final word on this? Are they still popping off on the new models? Is Kawasaki still using the plastic thru-hull fitting that causes the hose to come loose? Should I worry about the hoses coming off any other part of the engine other than the jet pump?
    I am looking at purchasing an '08 soon, and I really need to know what the deal is. Thanks for any accurate information!

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    read all the things about the hose thing but I have never found a loose clamp or have had any problems with my '05 15f...

    I wouldn't worry about it, but I would recommend checking everything periodically as I would any ski...

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    ^^^+1, I have an 05, and have NEVER had an issue with mine. I put an extra zip tie on them babys, and check every so often. I ride offshore a lot, leaving land for 25 miles to another Island, I never think twice about the host popping off. I'd say your good to go.

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    had mine come off on sunday afternoon basicly sunk it.
    drain the oil and water from sump and could not turn it over.
    pulled engine out on monday and stripped it down.
    snapped a rod and put 2 holes in the lower case.
    i will be fitting an extra clamp to these hoses in future.
    one positive the motor will be rebuilt as a turbo 15f with lower comp. pistons and a 1mm base gasket.


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    i heard of the problem right after i got my 06'. i put and extra metal hose clamp on ALL hoses going throught the hull. im at 110 hrs and not a single problem with anything

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