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    Pump Shoe Seal question??

    Im using the pump shoe seal kit.after i install the inserts into the voids ,do i still have to use 5200/4200 over the voids and hull when replacing the pump shoe??whats the reason for this?do i have to do that??

    i searched but no explanation for the use of the top up 4200/5200

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    Most people still use 4200/5200 all over the top of the shoe when they install it to the hull. The excess will squeeze out the sides and fill in the gap.

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    I've always wondered what you need the plugs for if you're gonna seal the perimeter anyway?

    Can't you just seal it like you were caulking a bathroom sink? What purpose would the plug kit serve if you do this?

    Perhaps the rear where it meets the rideplate?

    And why not just do the plugs and no 5200? It's cleaner and adjustable.

    There's some confusion on this board about exactly how and what you need to do. There's millions of threads on WHY, tho.

    Been researching this for about a month now. I've read all the threads, and seen the how-to's.

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