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Thread: Best upgrade

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    Best upgrade

    What are the best upgrade vs $$

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    Hi depends what you want?? speed or handeling, bit of both?? I am just fitting an external intercooler to my rxp. Its cost me around £250 to do, so for the gain that these normaly giv that is not to bad. Is your ski stock?? What model is it?? Maybe a induction upgradse would b a good place to start and a free flow exhaust. All depends what you want to get and how much money you have to spend.

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    Start by filling the rideplate holes

    Quote Originally Posted by RiSk View Post
    What are the best upgrade vs $$
    Filling the ridplate holes will cost under $10 and a little elbow grease. Most see a 1-mph gain.

    If your ski is hitting the rev-limiter during normal riding, you can add a 1-mm or 2 to the trailing edge of the impeller to bring the rpms down and pick up a little speed. If you have the tools, this will just cost you some time.... Ron

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    Fill rideplate holes - $10
    Trim reverse bucket - Free
    Remove prop nose-cone - Free

    Between these 3 mod's, you'll get 1-2 mph.

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