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    Seadoo 951 Reed Cages

    Any good info on the best performance reed cages for the 951 motor in a stage 1 '99 XPL? Rinaldi, V Force, I've searched the web for hours and haven't found a positive answer. Stock cages got distroyed when water went through motor, by the time I buy Carbon Tech reeds, new OEM reed stops, screws and reed spacers, I might as well buy better completely built reed cages.
    Don,t want to take a loan to pay for them either.

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    Rinaldi's are the best out there, but they have a lifespan compared to the OEM reeds. Depending how you ride, you might only see 20-30 hours out of the reeds before they get weak...

    The BRP snomobile reeds are very similar to the rinaldi's but are more durable (i hear they fit right in).. But you are looking at more $$$.

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    the snowmobile version of the rinaldi's are identical to the watercraft ones. watercraft ones are cheaper. i have had the same rinaldi reeds in my xpl superstock for 3 seasons. they have won 3 world titles, 2 national titles, many regional races and are still fine. they also add 6 hp over the stock reed cages. win win

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