My winter project has been to scan and PDF the Factory Polaris manual 1992-1998.

I started with my flatbed that i had and it was not cutting it. So I found one one e-bay and the deal went sour (Paypal Claim)Item number: 110220671101

Next I found another.
Nice scanner duplex and fast. One problem that I had was the manual has thick wax coated pages and every so often It would not feed.(No big deal a little acetone on the rollers to make them sticky)

Than I had to find the best driver settings for the results that I was looking for. This was all trial and error. (Thanks to K447 for some guidance on the settings.)
I decided to upgrade to Acrobat8 it has a really nice scanner interface and OCR output.

Here is a sample of the 785 manual this is in raw scan form and still needs to be touched-up and indexed with bookmarks and such.

I have the whole manual scanned 602 pages waiting to be touched up and indexed.

Special thanks goes out to K447 for offering to scan the document for me. I like a challenge.....

I have a lot more stuff to add when this is done.

Let me know your thoughts and input.