Well, I took out my old 92 gtx today. I had a blast! It ran great! It wasn't hotter than it should be. Last fall it overheated a lot. Today after running WOT for a minute or so, I could put my hand on the motor and it was hot but, it took about ten seconds to reach the point where it was uncomfortable, so I don't think it is running too hot. No water leaks either. I haven't gpsed it yet because I forgot to buy new batteries but I am guessing its around 40ish. The air temp was 65 and water about 53. It felt plenty warm though. I was out there barefoot and in shorts and I wasn't cold at all. I am so happy it is finally starting to warm up on te shoreline of Connecticut. I had so much fun today! Winter was too long. I was going full throttle and was curious about what would happen if I just cut it all the way to the left. I tried it expecting to get tossed off into the air but, it just slid sideways for about 50 feet and then backwords for another twenty feet. It was awesome! That hull has no shape to it. It is so smooth on the bottom and has no chines on it. I think they're called chines, you know the ridges on the bottom of the hull. Anyways, it was the biggest fastest power slide I have ever done! My Brother tom took a video of me taking off on the gtx with his phone. I just have to figure out how to get it on the internet. Is there a way to post a video from a cell phone onto a site similar to photobucket? Charlie