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    JAX riders, Memorial Day Weekend party!

    Hey Everybody,

    Looks like we are a go for a Huguenot party next Sunday. Rene and I will plan on being out there at about noon. For those who haven't been, the tides out there are a real challenge unless you have a 4WD.

    Here is a link to the tide tables Basically, at high-tide, you have to drive in the sugar, and it's tough to roll on...especially pulling a trailer.

    Here is a link to info about the park.

    What to bring...LOTS of water and other drinks. If you have any sort of portable shade and folding chairs, bring those too. Bring plenty of gas and oil for your skis too! There are a few gas stations on the way to the park.

    If anyone has any questions for me, please PM me. For those that have my cell number, feel free to try me there too.

    Hope to see you all next weekend!

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