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    how to install this fuel pressure regulator?anyone know?

    just received it today but no descriptions in box ,anyone plz help!
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    It is very easy, you don't need instructions. After disconnecting the line that this leads to, just press down on the silver clamp holding it in place and pry it off in an outward direction gently with a large flat head screw driver. Then take a small flat head and get under the fuel pressure regulator and gently pry it up. It will then pop right off. Have some paper towels laying around the regulator because it will dump a small amount of gas, but not much.

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    What does a fuel regulator do ?

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    Red devil ,could u post me some pic where to put it?

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    Where did you get it? How much? Is it adjustable? This is the extra insurance we need for the RR impeller if it is cheaper than injectors.

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    There are 2 fuel pressure regulators:
    1 for the 185 HP SC GTX`s, I think this is 44psi
    1 for the 215 HP RXP/RXT, I think this one is 58 psi.

    Others here can be more specific as to when and why you would need to go with the higher pressure unit...PR...

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    I think he needed to change his due to failure.

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    just need a little pressure to insure for my motor...safer for engine
    sparkplug shows that too---white---(lean-a bit)

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    What sort of ski do you have novice? That regulator goes in the top of your fuel tank you can`t miss it.

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    Was cylinder #1 mainley white???they all do that(even stock).....plug appearance is not that great a barometer of how the 4 strokes run (2 strokes, yes)

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