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    Waveraider Handling...low speed!

    Hi guys.

    i have a 96 raider 700 deluxe, i am not really interested in top end speed, as i prefer rough water riding wave jumping etc. i have a pro-tec intake grate and extended nozzle, but stock spontoons and ride plate.

    when i turn sharply the tail like's to come round fast almost skipping round losing drive and the nose dives down. i can improve this by shifting my weight further back but it doesn't make a lot of difference.

    i am soon fitting a 1100 or 1200 engine do you will this improve the situation ?

    any suggestions please?
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    Raiders are not known for their turning ability. When I used to ride Raiders I found if I positioned by weight the opposite that I am turning, it would keep the hull flat and produce a better turn. You have to hold on tight though. Putting a 1100 or 1200 motor may help with the turning because the extra weight will put the hull deeper in the water.

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    yes i do that quite alot even to the point of knealing down on one side. Can be alot of fun. very tiring must be doing wonders for my upper body strength..
    do you think aftermarket spontoons could help?

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    i have a friend who has a raider, and I think he is wondering the same thing about it turning.. if he isn't I am. I thought I could get it to do like a 720.. but couldn't

    I always tried to jump farther back hoping the end would go back deeper, and not turn.. but it didn't do a thing

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