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    Anyone Have any info on the new C-Kit R

    Any price info on this supercharger?? Also what will be need in regard to injectors and such. Also the Autronic ECU with the REv limiter at 9000 rpm's?? Are these Available in the US and at what price??

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    I do believe this is a different supercharger. this one poduces 15.5 lb of boost at 8500. It says its a C-kit R. also reving a motor at 9000 rpms, how bad is that for the motor and what kind parts can I change to help reliablity?

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    Some have said the Riva valve spring upgrade will be OK at 9000. While the majority advise you need to lighten the valves. At the minimum you would need some type of EMS to run that high currently( Igni, Autronic, Motec etc. Here is the Igni/Rotax system
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    Although it's been done with just the Riva valvetrain, i would highly recommend the lightened valves as well if you're going to spin your engine that fast.

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    The Autronic ECU on spins at 9000. This C-Kit R supercharger also gives 15.5lbs at 8500 rpms. Also one major thing that has been brought to my attention. I was told that the 07 08 motors are bored to 1503 and the 04-06 are 1496cc. Could the 1496 block handle that kind of pressure without cracking??

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