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    Help with Parts description & rebuild

    So, I finally picked up my ski after purchasing it 5 months ago! Never really got to look at it when I bought it & the engine was not present at the time.
    Anyhow, here are the details.
    1995 Yamaha Waveblaster w/ trailer!
    Engine is currently torn down (did last night!)
    Parts I've found and problems I've discovered:
    "red" RIVA Pipe, twin 45mm mikuni Carbs w/ Ocean Pro Sparkies mounted on Pro Tec manifold, Reeds - not sure about,Ocean Pro ride plate - someone has removed the intake grate, Umi Bars, Those foam skid pads you stand on,(no oiler tank in sight), Triton Engine water box (HUGE!), spare, electrical box w/ plug wires etc, original waterbox (i think? - It has Yamaha cast onto it), and a spare prop assembly (it appears to have an aftermarket prop it is aluminum and has 3 fins), the prop assembly currently mounted has a 4 or 5 blade prop. Also to note it has a 16x cylinder?

    The only notable issues with the engine were a few broken bolts (probably common amongst the seawater saturated antique ski's!). So some torching and extracting was implemented. Cylinders looked good as did the piston top's and minor scuffs on skirts. Cylinder head looked to be burning clean, did not do comp test - FYI the piston rings were stuck, would have gotten poor reading anyway.

    The con rod bearings feel a lil loose I'd like to replace them, plan to replace the piston's w/ high comp and or oem (plan to have coated skirts,etc) and maybe a head of somesort?

    Any thought's on me getting the Riva pipe ceramic coated? Is the Riva pipe good for this application?The red powdercoating is oxidized and the paint looks like shit, flakes off just looking at it. Where to get gaskets for such a creature? I sepperated the manifold piece from the pipe, plan to replace all engine hardware with SS and lots of antiseize - the previous person forgot that part!
    Also where to buy parts (carb kit) and or send the carbs for servicing? And it needs new spark filters (Look like k&N but just screens?) they are dry-rotted and breaking apart.

    Any other tips and or tricks?
    Thanx in advance.
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