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    Identify this Turbo

    Can anyone give me specs on this Turbo. I cant seem to find any good information on it anywhere. It says it an TD04L. The Turbine wheels are still in good shape and the housing. Just a lil dirty. been sitting in the shed for a while. Thanks
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    ISLAND RACING seadoo951's Avatar
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    Well, If it says TD then it came off a diesel. Sorry if you knew that already, thats all I got.

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    It came off of a Japanese car. I found it on the internet on a few other cars like the Mitsubishi 3000GT/GTO, The Impreza WRX and a Volvo.

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    Whats that whistling noise? jtskier11's Avatar
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    Ive seen alot of TD04L's on Subbys. Is that a 13g??

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    O.K then disregard my previous, stupid comment.

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    That's a baby Mitsubishi. Here's some info:

    Measure the compressor inducer and let me know what size it is.


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    Forgive me, but I dont know anything about Turbos. What is the Compress Inducer and where is it located on the turbo??

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    turbo is two halves.. two wheels... in the middle you have your CHRA - center housing rotating assembly or something like that

    compressor is your side of the turbo with the silver aluminum cover.. the cold side, the part that provides boost to intake side of the engine...

    turbine housing and turine wheel is your hot side that the exhaust goes through...

    so compressor inducer would be take the cover off the compressor side and expose the compressor wheel and measure the diameter of the narrowest point of the compressor wheel, the part of the wheel that sucks in the air into the inlet of the housing... that's your compressor inducer

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    If you give me a couple min ill show my roomate when he comes as he has a 3000GT VR4 and hell know if thats off a TT GT or not.........
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    U have all the time in the world my friend. I'll get back with all the info 2morrow that I can. I planning on getting rid of the Turbo cause I have no use for it. Its just catching dust in the shed.

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