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    Human anatomy preserved - amazing!

    This is the human body at the time of death, preserved by a polymer prooces.

    Photo Album:

    Watch the Youtube Plastic People...'plastination'

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    The BOdy World Exhibit came to Houston a couple of years ago. It was an AWESOME EXhibit ! they travel to several major metro cites.

    Here is their website

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    i also went to the body world in houston last year!! it was crazy to say the least im going to the one in san antonio coming up soon too.. gotta see the new bodys

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    Saw it in Orlando. They do some amazing stuff with preservation.

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    In China they were killing convicts and plasticising the organs bodies etc to sell.
    Sick if you ask me.
    I think it was Discovery that was uncovering how they were getting real bodies of healthy individuals to plasticise and sell for big $$$

    I dont see any art in it.

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