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    what upgrades should i do next for my rxp

    guys my 2007 rxp and it have the following mods :

    riva stage 1 (going to replace the air intake to the rear air intake i just orderd)
    rotax racing supercharger impeller (going to be replaced with the s3 housing i just ordered)
    riva clutch washers and ceramic bearing
    riva upgrade train valve kit
    riva thermostat
    riva breather catch can
    riva rear exhaust
    rr IC
    rr racing ECU (racing mapping)
    rr 42 injectors
    blow off
    i also modified the stock water box i cut it opened and emptyed from inside and shorten it
    going to install the ride plate with skegs from jim performance and also front mount and going to test both impellers 14/19 and 15/20 repitched by jerry
    on the old setup and unpitched 14/19 the maximum top speed was 77 mph
    so guys is their is any other recommendation or modification i should do

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    The pump extention mod will be a must have item.

    If you really wanted to give that ski a big boost in performance go with a Rude Charger impeller with Rude rising rate fuel pressure regulator.

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