Just entered into a parntership in Japan, we have 2 courses available, the first one is for instructors, the second is an open water course. Then I'll be working at the International Yokohama Boat Show, with a Q&A. It's a great program, I'm very pleased with the partners MARIS/JJSF, and I hope to see the Cherry Blossoms in bloom between jobs, or from the window of a train as I pass by...Leave soon...very chuffed....lekker bru....Shawn

K38 JAPAN Open Water Rescue Boat Course Now Available for 2008

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各種講習会 K38 Open Water Rescue Boat Course 2008・2・29(金)~3・2(日)
K38 Open Water Rescue Boat Course (ジェットレスキュー講習会)
         TEL:03-3519-3902 FAX:03-3519-3905
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