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    Cavitation (Causes....Fix's)

    Hey Guys i was running my stage 3 rxp today with a new rxpx, offthe line we were fairly even for one or two seconds then i blitzed him however from a standing start i am getting some cavitation until i get up on the plain...i have a new prop and a ss wear ring what are some other methods i can use to fix this, becasue when i had a run on the x there is no cavitation at all.

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    What are your r's @ wot?

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    pitch on prop?

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    How many hours are on the ski? Along with what they mentioned in post before me, the pump seal is somtimes a quick fix, along with carbon ring wear, engine alignment. I had a problem a while back where it seemed nothing I could do would fix my cavitation. I got some advice from Stan and Jerry on spacing the rubber boot slightly foward pressing the carbon ring against the metal ring!!! It WORKED GREAT!

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    What size prop are you using skat trak 15/19 or solas 15/20 with your set-up? Pitching your prop and playing your your nozzle rings wil fix that problem...

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    Rpms are 8500 to 8550, prop is 14/19, its only off the start with pump nozzle all the way down...could this also have an affect?

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    14/19?? 4-blade?? Being underpropped would cause these symptoms.

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    my guess is the carbon ring, ... should 'nt you use 15/20 for stage3?

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    picked up my Rxp last night from the shop. had the S3 SC, 15/20R and #42 Injectors installed. i also got the metal wear ring replaced new. the bike runs hard at top speed but i also noticed the bike cavitating off the hole untill i got on plane. need some help to fix this ! ! Thanks Guys ! !
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    You need to get rid of that 14-19 for sure! 15-20 or 15-19 3 blade. The 15-19 3 blade would be the best match for the X. I have several 3 blades if you want to try them.

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