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    I am looking for a decent helmet to keep my brains in-tact on the water. I took a nasty spill last summer, can't afford to lose anymore brain cells!! Any ideas on where to find something that doesn't look too sissy esk?

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    I've read where a wreck on the water with a helmet can actually cause spinal damange from water catching into the helmet.

    There was a stat I posted somewhere showing that wearing a helmet for recrational riding was more dangerous than without one. If you were really worried I would think a neck brace would be the best bet.

    People that race need them so they don't get by an on coming jetski. When you are recreation riding your biggest concern is how hard you hit the water.

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    Never thought of that!! just a lil worried about face planting on the ski itself. i plan on riding in the ocean more than flat water... wonder if it's really worth it?

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    i wouldnt do it, plus if you get knocked out i dont think your head will stay above the water easily, just ride safe youll be fine.

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    and curl into the fetal position if you get thrown
    Thumb sucking and all

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    Oh,,,, sorry,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I thought this thread was about something else

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