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    VX Deluxe 2008 Stuffing Kit


    I have just had fitted a pump stuffing kit on my 2008 vx deluxe just want to know if i will notice any difference been reading up and i get the jist that it will improve my pick up out of corners and in chop can anyone confirm this wat other things have people noticed with this kit.

    I am also thinking of fitting the air filter and cone in a month or so is this any good will i notice increased performance!

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    ppk kit will help make jet pump more efficient all the way around,you may feel better low speed response

    later cd

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    what is a ppk kit and has anyone just had the stuffing kit fitted?

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    Quote Originally Posted by benjuk View Post
    what is a ppk kit and has anyone just had the stuffing kit fitted?
    Never quite heard of stuffing kit(reed stuffers maybe, not for this app.)

    Anyways the ppk (plug, pump, kit) is for filling in the open voids in the casting in the intake grate. What it does is by sealing up that air space, you cancel out a great deal of posssible pump cavitation. Therefor creating more efficientcy and better pump performance.

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    Yeh thats the same thing will i notice better pick up out of corners and what would be a good recomadation to have fitted next, i have been looking at the filter and cone...

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