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    Smile Polaris pump assembly with oem impeller

    I have this polaris pump assembly with oem impeller it is soft bolted as I took it apart to change the tail piece out.It came off of a 3 seater polaris with 785 engine,the tail piece is new as the watercraft suffered irreparable damage by drifting onto rocks.The new tailpiece alone cost me 160.51 plus shipping,I just want to get out from under this .The total cost of these parts new is 1434.25 here is a list
    Parts List
    To delete an item from your parts list: set Qty to zero and Select "Update List".

    Add Directly into the parts list. (If you know your part number.)Qty Part Number Current Items In Shopping CartQtyPart Number DescriptionPriceTotal 7515366 BOLT, S.S.$3.73 $3.73 5130938 COLLAR$6.87 $6.87 5431518 BRG,STRG.NOZZLE$11.01 $11.01 7515377 BOLT$12.60 $50.40 1350008 NOZZLE,PUMP$160.51 $160.51 7512064 SCREW$2.01 $6.03 5431519 CONE, PUMP$17.19 $17.19 5410819 O-RING(10)$0.28 $0.28 5020697 SHAFT-STUB$45.85 $45.85 5010293 TUBE,SIPHON,BILGE$33.84 $67.68 7080138 CABLE TIE (10)$0.40 $1.60 8450054-23 HOSE,WATER$9.17 $18.34 5410818 O-RING(10)$0.28 $0.28 5410817 O-RING(10)$0.28 $0.28 3514008 BEARING$17.19 $34.38 5130983 STATOR,PUMP$137.58 $137.58 5410735 O RING,(10)$0.26 $0.52 5431655 PIPE,WATER,ENGINE$131.03 $131.03 5010294 SPACER$14.90 $14.90 3610043 SEAL,BRG,STATOR$20.63 $41.26 5010295 SPACER-IMPELLER,SS$21.78 $21.78 5131035 IMPELLER,PROGRESSIVE$366.90 $366.90 5130982 HOUSING,PUMP W/RING,INT$229.31 $229.31 5020698 PIPE,WATER,BILGE$32.23 $64.46 7512073 SCREW,S.S.$2.08 $2.08 SubTotal$1,434.25
    Of course I know I cant and dont want anywhere near this amount,in fact since my wifes polaris 785 uses this I shouldnt even sell it.But I have had it on shelf for at least 10 air cond. shop.I havent used it so would like to sell it.I need to get 275.00 plus shipping for it thats only 14% of new or .14 on each dollar of new cost.Thank you for reading this ,Have a great day>Marvin
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    I still have this pump assembly ,fresh water only Please PM ,meThanks>Marvin

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    Any idea if this is the same as a 2004 MSX 150?

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    So are you saying that everything is OK with this entire assembly?

    I'm confused by your wording...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrjetskey View Post
    ...It came off of a 3 seater polaris with 785 engine...
    Is this the actual impeller number that is in the pump assembly?

    5131035 is listed as matching 1994,1995 SLT750, 1996 SL/SLT700 (Substituted by 5131079, used in SL780)

    There were no 3 seat Polaris PWC with 785 engines from the factory.

    Is this pump actually from a 2 seat Pro-785 boat, or a 3 seat SLT700/SLT750?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrjetskey View Post
    It came off of a 3 seater polaris with 785 engine
    Beerdart quick, check for your pump!!!!!!!!!!!

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    PLease forgive me I forget you all are polaris affictionados!!It was 780 not 785 But here on lake conroe after the fiasco polaris had with the 1992-95 models not being able to handle the heat in august and the 650 and 750 being polaris first foray into watercraft.THe very quickly got un-popular with the reliability of the yamahas and kawasakis,and the looks and handling of seadoos quickly taking over as 12&3.The polaris here was sold by a tractor dealer ,while the other 3 were sold by bike dealers,So they really faded quick around here.Hence my mistake,THere was probably only 45 diff. polaris I worked on from 92 to 2005.vs hundreds of the others(thank GOD for seadoos and the white paint on oil lines in 93-95 lots of rebuilds.PLease forgive my error .Thanks >Marvin

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