Big Wave winner at Cow Bombie

LOCAL Alex “Alfy” Cater won the coveted Oakley Surfing Life Biggest Wave Award in Sydney last week, after taking on a massive wave at “Cow Bombie” near Margaret River last September.

The exhilarated Mr Cater had been runner-up to winner Damon Eastaugh last year.

This year he took home $20,000 in cash and a new Sea-Doo personal watercraft, promising it was “my shout” for the 11 other entrants.
“Now I can pay the taxman all the money I’ve owed him for the past few years,” he said.

His ride at the deepwater break was estimated at more than 14 metres (45 feet) in face height by the judges.

It was a close effort to other contenders on the day, Queenslander Mark Visser and Hawaiians Jamie Sterling and Ian Walsh, who also battled Cow Bombie.

The Award will open doors for Mr Cater in the growing global big-wave competition field, he says.

Big surf competitions are also held in South Africa, Hawaii and California and the Margaret River Boardriders Club Inc initiated the Margaret River Big Wave Challenge last year, although poor conditions held it off.

“I’ve been to Hawaii and California and met a lot of the guys who ride their big spots and I’d love to challenge them,” Mr Cater said.

Not long ago, he and his tow partner Ian “Wooly” McPherson had to abandon their ski under a massive set of 10-metre waves at Cow Bombie, 6km from land.

“The ski conked out about three metres from the worst possible spot,” the said.

“We got three waves on the head and that was it for the ski.”

Best Overall Performance Award for the season went to Tasmania’s Marti Paradisis.
The Shooter Award for photography went to local Jamie Scott for his image of Cater’s winning ride.